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Frequently Asked Questions

I can't install an icon pack! What should I check for first of all?

Extension iconTo protect your computer, Firefox prevented this site ( from installing software on your computer.
Edit Options Button

If you get this message displayed at the top of your Firefox browser whilst installing an icon pack, click on Edit Options... , Allow and then Close so that you can install icon packs from this website. Then click on the install link again to install your icon pack. If you're still having problems, see this question.

Integrating Firefox fully with Windows: Please see this tutorial.

What is an icon pack?

An icon pack allows you to change Mozilla, Firefox or ThunderBird's window icon.

But how does it work exactly?

Here's how it works: each Firefox/Mozilla window has a name, called its ID. If you drop an icon into Firefox/Mozilla's chrome/icons/default/ folder with the same name as the window, (for example 'chatzilla-window.ico' for ChatZilla) that window picks up the icon the next time it is started. Firefox/Mozilla Icon Packs is therefore a resource for complete icon sets that let you customize the look of your Mozilla titlebars.

How do I install an icon pack then?

Click on 'Icon Packs' on the left of this page. You'll get a list of all available icon packs. Click on the one that interests you for more details. Then click on either 'Install for Windows' or 'Install for Linux' depending on the platform you're using. Please note that not all icon packs are available for all platforms.

Which platforms are supported?

Most Icon Packs are at the moment for SeaMonkey/Mozilla Suite, Firefox and ThunderBird on Windows or Linux.

So far I haven't received any icon packs for Apple Macs. So if you've created one, then please send it in - or if you'd like to see some around, download an icon pack and convert the icon files inside it so that they work on Macintosh.

The Linux icon packs should work on all Unix systems running KDE or GNOME or a compatible desktop environment.

Is Netscape supported?

Netscape 6 and above are based on Mozilla (and now Firefox), so icon packs should work on these browsers. However, considering that Netscape 8 optionally uses Internet Explorer to render web pages, we do not recommend that you use this browser, because of security issues. Furthermore, you may not be able to install icon packs from this site whilst using the Internet Explorer rendering engine in Netscape 8. So in short, yes it is supported, but use Firefox instead!

What about Firefox-based browsers like Flock?

Icon packs will work with Flock and should work on any other browsers based on Firefox.

How many icon packs can I have installed?

Unlike themes, you can only have one icon pack installed at a time. Installing a new icon pack overwrites a previously installed one. Therefore, you could consider this site as a kind of 'icon pack switcher' as well - just install your previous icon pack again if you don't like the one you've just installed.

I hate the icon pack that I just downloaded. How can I get the default icons back?

Go to the Iconpack Uninstaller/Restorer page or click on the 'Uninstall' link at the top of each page on this site.

I want to create an icon pack. Where do I start?

Check out the tutorial. Then see the next question below for what to do after that.

I've made a brilliant icon pack. How do I get it on here?

See the Submissions page.

I want to convert icons. Is there a good converter?

You can use icon software such as Iconomaker or The GIMP.

I'm having trouble installing an icon pack. What should I do??

After checking the very first question at the top of this page, check this nice checklist:

IMPORTANT: The most likely reason is that the icon pack isn't on the mirror yet...or we've made a mistake and put in a broken link, in which case you should see this below about contacting us.

Why does this website use software installations?

Software installations, or 'XPI' is Mozilla/Firefox's installation method of installing the icon pack. When the package is downloaded, all the icons inside it are extracted to <Mozillaorfirefoxinstalllocation>/chrome/icons/default .

You can view all the files inside an XPI package by downloading the iconpack's XPI file from and then opening it with an ordinary compression utility such as WinZip, ZipCentral, WinRAR, Ark, unzip etc. etc.

All the icons on here seem to be icons for the Mozilla/Firefox window. Are there any icons that I can use for my desktop?

When you install an icon pack, it gets installed in the chrome/icons/default folder in your Mozilla/Firefox installation folder (eg. C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\chrome\icons\default). If you go into this folder, you will find all the *.ico or *.xpm files, which you can use as your desktop icons. Alternatively, right-click the install link of the icon pack you want, and choose 'Save Link As' to download the XPI file of the iconpack that you want, then open it with software such as WinZip, WinRAR, ZipCentral, Ark or some compression utility. The icon files will be found in it.

Please also see the Windows integration tutorial which will enlighten you on this matter.

How can I change the system tray icon of Mozilla when 'Quick Launch' is enabled?

Apparantely some people have had success with this by using Resource Hacker. Download it, fire it up, open the mozilla.exe or firefox.exe executable, then in there somewhere there should be a setting to change the icon. Please note however, that I have never tested this and so cannot guarantee that it will work. If it doesn't, you may also have to reinstall Mozilla.

Please also see the Windows integration tutorial which mentions Resource Hacker.

My Start Menu icons don't change?

Please see the Windows integration tutorial.

I'd like to make a comment/give feedback/help. How?

At the bottom of most pages on this site, there is a notes form. This lets you add notes. Alternatively, check the Mailing list page.

Please also check the to-do page.

When I install my icon pack, I just see a black square?

This seems to be a problem Windows 98 users are having, perhaps something to do with the number of colours in the icon or something. A fix is now available for the FireFox crystal ball icons (this seemed to be the icon pack having all the trouble). Simply choose the Windows 98 icons to install instead on that page.

When I install Firefox, I don't get an icon, I just get the horrible Windows logo.

This is a bug, for which we provide a fix - You must use our Iconpack Restorer (which will also work with any other OS by the way), available from here.

A credit is incorrect!

Please let us know => . We will fix it immediately. Please note our previous e-mail address wasn't working. We'll always reply, so if you haven't heard, please send again.

Something is really badly wrong on here!

Humiliate us - use our feedback page, and not only will your comment be sent to us, but the entire world will also get to know about our fatal flaw.

Or you could drop us an e-mail => ... (Please note our previous e-mail address wasn't working. We'll always reply, so if you haven't heard, please send again.)

I can't see my question here! What do I do?

Enter your feedback on the F.A.Q. at the bottom of this page. Any questions that need answering will be added here.

Have fun!

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