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Windows integration tutorial

Installing an icon pack from this site will change the titlebar icon of Firefox. But the icon in the Windows Start Menu and the icon that appears in the taskbar when Firefox windows become grouped together remain the same. We'd like a quick fix (and hopefully there'll be one soon) but for now you can follow these incredibly fun instructions in order to change your Firefox icon 100% completely.

Software you need

For this adventurous task, we need some adventurous software. First off...

Getting your icon files

OK, first we're gonna get our icon files. Find the icon pack you want on this site, right-click the install link, Save link as, and save the XPI file somewhere you'll find it.

Now open that XPI file with a compression utility such as WinRAR, WinZIP or ZipCentral. You'll probably want the file 'main-window.ico'. It's in the 'default' folder.

Hacking the Firefox executable

Before we start here, please remember that you are modifying the Firefox executable and so *technically* you could corrupt the thing. However, this hasn't happened to me and so er I hope it doesn't happen to you. If it does, well you'll just have to reinstall Firefox or you could restore the original from the backup you just made right NOW of firefox.exe !

Let's fire up Resource Hacker which you just downloaded from the link above. Extract the file you downloaded, and run 'ResHacker.exe' to start.

Now let's play: File -> Open, and locate your Firefox executable, probably C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe . Open it.

Go to the group 'Icon' then '1' , right-click '1033' and choose 'Replace Resource'.

Now choose 'Open file with new icon', locate the main-window.ico icon file you extracted, and click on 'Open'. Click 'Replace'.

Now here's where you're left to your own device... basically just go through everywhere and wherever you see the Firefox icon in Resource Hacker, just replace that resource with your own icon. Once you're done, click on File, Save and we're done modifying the Firefox executable!

And then we click on the Start Menu and... shock horror, the icon hasn't changed! But Fear Not! We'll now run ItweakU, which you've just installed...

While you're here, note all the interesting things you can do with ItweakU, even in the unregistered version...

Click on 'Desktop' on the left, and then click on the button that says 'Rebuild Icons'. Note that there'll probably be a bit of a pause. Don't freak out, your computer hasn't frozen up on you.

And finally hit OK... and take a peek at your start menu:

And there we have it! A very cool start menu with your very cool icon. Note that the icon in Quick Launch has changed as well. The icons on your desktop and in your 'Programs' menu should have changed as well.

To get your icons back to normal, a reinstall of Firefox should suffice. And finally, *technically* the same should be possible with Mozilla ThunderBird and Mozilla Suite.

Your feedback on this little tutorial and any problems/additional tips you have with regards to it are very welcome and in fact recommended. Let us know how you got along...

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