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Internet Explorer Additional Icons

Version: 1.0

Author: Dillon Zebrauskas

Description: A cool collection of additional Internet Explorer-esque icons. To install, click on the icon below that you want to install.

Green icon Purple icon Net Connections icon Blue Click icon
Green icon Red icon World Click icon  

Download source icons:

Tip: These icons are only for the main window. If you want Internet Explorer icons for the other browser windows (Downloads window etc.), install the Internet Explorer icon pack first and then install an icon on this page.



Important note: install scripts to be updated shortly. In the meantime, right-click the install link, Save Link As, and then once downloaded, open the file with a zip extraction utility to access the icon files.

Install imageTo install, click on the icon you want to install above.

Click on the install link above to install. All newly opened windows will use the icon pack when it has installed. To uninstall, click here or use the uninstall link at the top right on any page of this website. If you encounter any problems, see the F.A.Q. or post a message below.

To change your Start Menu icons in Windows, including the 'Internet' entry in Windows XP, check out the Windows integration tutorial.

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