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Blue and Orange editions available. Scroll down for the Orange edition and to post comments.
Blue-SpLash Icons
Blue-SpLash icons preview

Author: Stefan Luhnau.

Version: 1.0

Description: Based on Orange Splash, but of course... Blue! Enjoy!

Blue-SpLash icon
Orange-SpLash Icons
Orange-SpLash icons preview

Author: Stefan Luhnau.


Windows - 1.2 (just updated!)

Linux - 1.1 (to be updated)

Description: The orange splash icons are designed to go well with Mozilla's default splash screen which also happens to be orange. This icon pack fits in very nicely with Mozilla, is very clear and on the whole is a very nice icon set - try it out! :-) .

Orange-SpLash icons

To change your Start Menu icons in Windows, including the 'Internet' entry in Windows XP, have a look at the Windows integration tutorial.

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